Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Water on the Rise

Rumor has it that rainy season will be over in a month, and we are praying to make it through that time.  In the past few weeks, the weather has made it perfectly clear that rainy season won’t go out without a good fight.  Apparently, this year’s season has brought more rain than usual.  Here are some photos of our water levels at POPPYS.  I will do my best to explain for the majority of you who have never seen our place in person.  A handful of you out there know very well what these pictures implicate.

 Above is a picture of our laundry area.  We no longer use that area because it has become our pool.  For a couple weeks the water level out of the drain covered about 3/4 of the cement (that would be the more green areas to the left and towards the back).  Even through some rains, the water level hadn’t changed much.  Well, Friday night brought a downpour that filled the entire laundry area and won’t go away.  Saturday night did the same and water has risen since we’ve taken these pictures.  Once it gets up over that ledge, it will be in our room.  Hopefully sandbags can help redirect the water.

 Here is a shot of the other end of the dorm building.  We wrote a blog about that back field sometime in September or October.  That would be the field where we had a fire that started getting out of control.  Now it is a lake.

 The water level has become a serious issue with our toilet usage.  Our pipes drain out openly way back into the back field, but now, thanks to equilibrium, we can’t drain out anywhere and our pipes could get dangerously backed up.  It has already begun.  I won’t go into much more detail.  We will just keep praying that the water starts going down soon.  At least hopefully it won’t continue to rise.

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madre said...

Shame..... We just arrived back from Beautiful Canada and arrived at PAA in torrential rains for Portland! Seriously thought of Noah and the ark. LOL! We see the rain there is life changing!!! We're praying Daily and will pray more earnestly for it to diminish. Still MISS YOU........